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Our *vision*, to use sport and physical activity as a means to not only improve fitness and body composition, but also to impact lives in a positive way.
Our *mission* is that every day you join us, you leave being a better athlete or patient, but above all, a better human being.
The  *objective* of CAR is to connect with people who wish to be part of this community by creating a safe space surrounded by good vibes, trust and constant joy.


 Hello human being! 🧑‍🚀 


We started our mission and it goes beyond simply creating a "safe space" for you inside CAR 📍.


We want to establish a safe place in all of our spaces, including in-person and digital.


With this said, we want CAR 📍 to extend in to your home, your community, and the world we are lucky to all share together.


Thanks to this mission, our activities are focused on social and environmental responsibility and reintegrating healthy habits into our routine and everyday life.


We firmly believe in the possibility of improving, not only as athletes, but also as inhabitants of this planet.


Join our mission, we've been waiting for you! 🚀

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