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Algunos mensajes de clientes

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Rodman Garcia (25 year old Male)

I have always struggled with keeping up with my nutrition. Grocery shopping felt overwhelming, I needed to find a balance between being aware of my portion sizes and not obsessing over caloric count. When I found out about Mi Healthy Vida and Monica, I immediately reached out to get more information. Her treatment towards me has always been with the utmost respect and professionalism. She took the time to understand my current situation, my goals, and my needs and catered a program that fits me. Throughout the whole journey, she has stayed in touch and offered encouragement. Once I started to change my habits, I felt an immediate increase in my energy levels and overall happiness and wellness. Mi Healthy Vida focuses on the building blocks of wellness that will create the correct habits towards a greater life quality.


Siempre he batallado con mi nutrición. Hacer el súper se sentía abrumador y necesitaba un balance entre entender mis porciones y no obsesionarme con la cuenta calórica. Cuando descubrí sobre Mi Healthy Vida y Mónica, inmediatamente la contacté para obtener más información. Su trato hacia mí siempre ha sido del mayor respeto y profesionalismo. Se tomó el tiempo de entender mi situación actual, mis objetivos, y mis necesidades para crear un programa de acuerdo a mí.  A través del tiempo, ella se ha mantenido en contacto conmigo y ofrecido sus palabras de aliento. En cuanto comencé a cambiar mis hábitos, sentí un incremento inmediato en mis niveles de energía y sobre todo en mis ánimos y mi bienestar. Mi Healthy vida se enfoca en construir las bases del bienestar que van a crear los hábitos correctos para una mejor calidad de vida.

Monica Lara (31 year old Female)

Working with Monica has been great! She is very patient, taking her time explaining everything. At any point during the day if I have any questions she is there to answer them. During our first consultation she got to know me very well and made recommendations. That same day she had a meal plan ready for me. I have to say my favorite part of working with her has been how encouraging and understanding she has been throughout my whole lifestyle change process. I would definitely recommend working with her. It will definitely change your life!

¡Trabajando con Mónica ha sido genial! Es muy paciente, se toma su tiempo para explicar todo. En cualquier momento durante el día, si tengo alguna pregunta, ella está allí para responderla. Durante nuestra primera consulta me conoció muy bien y me hizo recomendaciones. Ese mismo día me tenía preparado un plan de alimentacion. Tengo que decir que mi parte favorita de trabajar con ella ha sido lo alentadora y comprensiva que ha sido durante todo este proceso. Definitivamente recomendaría trabajar con ella. ¡Definitivamente cambiará tu vida!

Dr. Ivan Cordova:

Mi Healthy Vida: compromiso, calidad, calidez, humanismo y responsabilidad. Sanar tu mente sanando tu cuerpo. Sin duda una experiencia única por los resultados que puedes obtener con solo decidir mejorar tu calidad de vida con una nutrición sana para tener una mente sana. Yo por eso recomiendo Mi Healthy Vida

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Algunos mensajes de clientes

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CLIENT:  Mujer, 37 años

Quiero agradecerte por estos 2 meses de trabajo juntas, gracias por enseñarme a querer mi cuerpo y alimentarlo adecuadamente todos estos años que son 37 he comido mal lo he tratado mal, 

Como te he dicho un millón de veces gracias porque desde el día 1 te portaste de maravilla. 

En estos meses de trabajo juntas siempre estuviste al pendiente en todo momento y como te lo dije gracias por educarme porque de aquí para delante seguiré con esta nuevo hábito y este nuevo estilo de vida, gracias por todo en verdad y espero que así como a mi toques mas gente que vea lo mal que nos alimentamos por un montón de excusas. 

Gracias por todo tu apoyo, seguimiento y dedicación. 

CLIENT:  Hombre, Deportista

Mi experiencia con Mónica ha sido muy gratificante ya que desde un inicio te brinda un servicio excelente, empezando por conocerte y tus metas.
Durante todo el proceso me brindo una atención personalizada al igual que cuando me surgían dudas que eran fuera de nuestras sesiones me apoyaba mediante mensajes, lo cual es perfecto para disipar dudas y seguir con tu proceso.
Aunado a todo esto lo mejor es que durante todo el proceso te va educando para tener una vida saludable en general junto con tu meta/propósito, lo cual me parece excelente en comparación con un nutriólogo tradicional que cada cierto tiempo te está modificando tu dieta, todo esto te ayuda a saber qué tipo de alimentos y cantidades comer, lo cual es un conocimiento para toda la vida.
100% recomendado y que mejor con alguien que te predica con el ejemplo día a día.

CLIENT: Rylee Baisden

Professional Soccer Player

"I played with Monica’s sister before I met Monica myself and I am so glad I reached out when I did. As an athlete, nutrition and body awareness has been something I struggled with since college. Now as a professional athlete I know the importance of a good/manageable lifestyle while I’m competing at a high level. We creating a plan together based off my goals and lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The 21 day “reset” honestly changed my life. I grocery shop differently, cook nearly every meal and feel the best version of myself. I’d recommend Monica to anyone; athlete or not. She’s been more a friend than a nutritionist to me. If I had questions, she was quick and thorough with her answers. If she didn’t have the answers, she’d research or ask her doctor colleagues to get a response for me. Fueling your body is so so important and I’ve always known that but Monica opened up my eyes to so much more. If you want to feel better, look better and increase your understanding of what food is right for you, she’s your woman!
It’s not one size fits all and Monica truly gets to know you as a person not just as her client. I can’t wait to work with her in the future!"


CLIENT: Elizabeth Eddy

Professional Soccer Player for NWSL Sky Blue,

"Working with monica was great! She has extensive knowledge on health and lives a lifestyle along what she teaches. The biggest thing I learned was how important a morning and night routine is. She does a great job helping tailor a wholistic health plan to each individual!"

- Elizabeth Eddy


CLIENT: Stephanie Zuniga-Herrera

23 Year Old; Recent Graduate and D1 Soccer Player at University of Colorado


As an athlete, one of the areas I have always struggled with has been nutrition. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how important nutrition was to help me improve my game and allow my body to feel better overall. But even in college I never laid the hammer down and took nutrition super serious. It wasn’t until after college (better late than never) that I reached out to Monica and told her that I wanted to change my ways with nutrition for a healthier lifestyle because I knew I wasn’t doing enough. From the moment I reached out to her she was on board, excited, and ready to embark on this new journey with me. All of our consultation meetings were so informative and personal. Informative in the sense that she backed up everything she said with so much information and knowledge, you have a question she has an answer and if she didn’t have an answer she would go out of her way and take time out of her day to research the answer to the question. She is just so organized and specific to everything she does. She focused on my goals and based off of that she created a grocery list, showed what my plate should look like on training days vs non training days. And after every video meeting she would always follow up with a recap email on everything we touched on which was extremely helpful. Now personal in the sense that not only does she care about the nutrition side of things but also your well being and how other things are going outside of your nutrition.
After the first week or two of working with Monica my energy levels felt completely different. It was a lot easier for me to get out of bed and get my day going, my body overall just felt so much better, and I was able to sleep more through the night. After working with her for two months I am extremely thankful for all that she has done for me and I’m happy with the progress that I have made with the guidance she has provided for me and will continue to apply everything we have talked about. Whether you’re an athlete or not nutrition is a key factor to a healthy lifestyle and I would recommend anyone to her whether it’s to improve your game, lose weight, or create better eating habits for a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life. Thank you Monica for tuning in to your gifts and helping people. Your services were everything I had hoped for and left me feeling confident about the choices I’ve been making for my betterment, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


CLIENT: Anonymous, Male, 33 years old

At first I was skeptical if Monica's services were going to help me  but after working with her for two months I cannot recommend her services enough. 


Before starting the program I was constantly feeling lethargic and sick often. I was also getting injured every week I played soccer in the park. I reached out to Monica  to set up a plan to feel healthier as well as to get back to playing casual soccer.


The first meeting that I had with Monica was used to plan out a diet that would help me reach my goals as well as plan a training schedule for the first month. As I continued through the first month with my meal plan I notice my increased energy throughout the day - I no longer relied on caffeine to keep me awake. I did have some problems along the way adjusting to my diet but Monica was always available to hear my concerns and give me advice on what I should do.


When the second month came around, I felt a lot better overall. My energy levels had increased, I was in a better mood through the day and I had also gotten stronger without injuries. For the second meeting Monica and I discussed the changes that helped and some that did not. Monica advised me to tweak a few things in my diet and also gave me a new workout routine.


For the last meeting with Monica we discussed the changes and improvements I had. It was amazing to look back at how much my life has improved and that I now have the tools to continue to live a healthier lifestyle.


Monica is a knowledgeable and kind individual who is passionate about what she does. If you put in the effort and listen to Monica’s advice, you will see an improvement in your health.

Al principio no sabía si los servicios de Mónica me iban a ayudar, pero después de trabajar con ella durante dos meses, no puedo recomendar sus servicios lo suficiente.


Antes de comenzar el programa, me sentía constantemente letárgico y enfermo a menudo. También me lesionaba cada semana que jugaba fútbol en el parque. Contacté a Mónica para establecer un plan para sentirme más saludable y volver a jugar fútbol casualmente.


La primera reunión que tuve con Mónica se fue para planificar una dieta que me ayudaría a alcanzar mis metas, así como a planificar un programa de entrenamiento para el primer mes. A medida que continué durante el primer mes con mi plan de comidas, noté tenía más energía durante el día: ya no dependía de la cafeína para mantenerme despierto. Tuve algunos problemas para adaptarme a mi dieta, pero Mónica siempre estaba disponible para escuchar mis inquietudes y darme consejos sobre lo que debía hacer.


Cuando llegó el segundo mes, me sentí mucho mejor en general. Mis niveles de energía había aumentado, estaba de mejor humor durante el día y también me había fortalecido sin lesiones. Para la segunda reunión, Monica y yo discutimos los cambios que ayudaron y algunos que no. Mónica me aconsejó que cambiara algunas cosas en mi dieta y también me dio una nueva rutina de ejercicios.


Para la última reunión con Mónica, discutimos los cambios y mejoras que tuve. Fue sorprendente mirar hacia atrás en cuanto ha mejorado mi vida y que ahora tengo las herramientas para seguir viviendo un estilo de vida más saludable.


Mónica es una persona bien informada, amable y apasionada por lo que hace. Si te esfuerzas y escuchas los consejos de Mónica, verás una mejora en tu salud.

CLIENT: Claire Malone

Age 24: 2013-2016 Division 1 Soccer Player and  2x NYC Marathon Runner

"After making the decision to run my second marathon in two years, I knew that I needed to speak with someone who had a vast understanding of the food/wellness space, to avoid injuries down the line. The decision to work with Monica was a no brainer for me, as we grew up playing soccer alongside one another, and I have had the privilege of seeing Monica prosper from a young girl into a well-educated and successful athlete.  


During our first phone call, Monica continuously kept things professional, while also using what she knew about me from the past to develop a fully customized plan for me and my goals. I spoke about my daily routine/habits, and what I was looking to achieve, and quickly realized that I needed to make some serious changes. 


That same day as our initial conversation, Monica had a grocery list and meal plan in my inbox. One thing that I realized off the bat, was that running for hours without properly fueling is dangerous and detrimental to results. After immediately introducing more carbs, vegetables and proteins into my diet, as well as tweaking when I was consuming my meals, l felt more energized and steady during my workouts. 


Over the course of our three months together, Monica listened to what was/was not working for me and made tweaks to my program. We introduced breathing exercises to reduce stress, talked about ways to cut cravings, and how to keep the blood flowing during my long hours spent sitting at a desk. 


As a soccer player turned runner, Monica and I referred to my long run days as “game day.” Throughout our conversations, we spoke about different foods to consume earlier in the week, and what to consume as we approached game day. As the long runs got longer, Monica did her research to make suggestions on foods to carry with me throughout the run to consume every 45 minutes of activity.  


I can happily say that on November 3rd, I ran, and completed the NYC Marathon for the second time. With Monica’s step-by-step plan and guidance, I was able to cut over 4 minutes off my PR and felt strong throughout the entire race. 


For anyone that is looking to make positive changes in their lives, Monica is your person. Thank you, Monica, for all your help and playing a huge role in helping me achieve my goals!"



Professional Soccer Player for NWSL NC Courage, Member of the Irish National Team

"I connected with Monica after I saw my teammate had worked with her and achieved amazing results. I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never worked with a nutritionist before but I knew I wanted to have better eating habits incorporated into my daily lifestyle. 

I discussed with Monica my goals/ what I wanted to achieve and she came up with a plan to help me work towards those goals. In the past 3 months Monica has helped me realize that some things I was putting into my body were not the best for me. She helped me get on track with an eating plan that has allowed me to perform on the field better than ever. I don’t feel bloated anymore, my energy levels have increased a lot and changing up my diet has helped my skin improve! 

Monica has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their daily lifestyle. She has for sure helped me to change mine! "

Denise O’Sullivan 

CLIENT: Kaleigh Kurtz

24 Year Old Female and Professional Soccer Player for NWSL NC Courage

Monica and her knowledge has changed my life for the better. I have only been working with her for 3 months and it was obvious that although I made great strides in the three months with her, that my journey was not yet done. I immediately without a question re-subscribed to another three months with her. I have some find tuning to my diet that I need to continue working on with her, but when I first came to her it was clear that she was interested in me as a whole individual and not just about my diet. She is a constant tool and is always extremely on top of discussions and responding if you have questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to. Monica is also great at keep in touch, checking in, and holds you accountable during the 3 months.


I started seeking her advice when I felt like I hit rock bottom. Speaking with her on my first consultation I cried about 5 times on separate occasions and she was professional, comforting, and just all around wonderful. It was clear that I needed to get my life back in balance and that is exactly what we are doing. She has been there ever single step in my journey.


Because I already have a fairly good diet in terms of whole foods and less processed, my journey with her was about connecting the rest of the dots in my life. Her practice truly encompasses physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental like she talks about in her bio. We did quickly realize that my digestion was not working quite like it should be. I started a protocol to rebuild my gut health and that has made a huge difference. My skin is more glowing, my head is less cloudy, I am aware of the foods that cause stomach irritation, and the bloating/gas has done a complete 180.


During the next three months, I will be working with her to get off of my birth control. After her guidance, knowledge, and explanation of the symptoms of prolonged birth control use, I came to the realization that I needed to work on getting my hormones back in balance naturally. She was informative but never pushy and never forced me into any decisions, which was crucial for me. A decision this big must come from me, and Monica was the perfect mentor and advisor but never a judge. 


Her vast knowledge on nutrition, physical symptoms, mental health, and more makes her THE perfect person to look toward when you need advice. You will not regret seeing her, instead you will be thinking about why you didn’t hit the “GET STARTED NOW” button earlier! It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, she is the person to go!

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CLIENT: Maria Conchita Villa


Monica quiero  agradecerte por el apoyo que me haz dado en el nuevo  cambio de mi vida.


Quiero compartir que hace algunos  meses mi vida era muy diferente, me sentia deprimida, no me sentia feliz, no hacia ejercicio y me enojaba por todo y lo peor es que mi salud se estaba deteriorando,  mi presion estaba demasiado alta y  mi doctor queria que tomara medicamento diario a la cual no estaba 

dispueta hacer.

Fue entonces cuando vi a mi hijo mayor y lucia bastante bien y saludable  y le pregunte que estaba haciendo  y me platico acerca de Monica ( mi healthy vida ) fue entonces cuando me decidi  a platicar con ella  y me explico todo acerca del detox y el proceso a seguir y sin mas  mi decision fue  empezarlo de inmediato  por 3 semanas.

La verdad es dificil el comienzo  pero cuando tienes fuerza de volundad y  te haz  decidido a  cambiar tu forma de vida, puedes ver que   todo sacrificio tiene su recompenza y despues de las tres semanas con el detox y haciendo ejercicio (kick boxing ) logre bajar 14 libras y no solo eso ahora me siento muy feliz y mi salud esta mucho mejor.






De verdad necesitaba este gran cambio.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.00.29 PM.png




Before starting the program outlined by Monica, I was overweight with poor eating habits.  I had high blood sugar levels with numerous aches and pains associated with middle age.  What I liked about the program was that it was structured, which is what I needed.   


The first few days of the program doing the cleanse was challenging but being mentally committed to the program made it easier to complete.    I was also energized by seeing results come so quickly as I lost about 7 lbs. in the first 3 days and over 10 lbs. in the first week. 


In less than 2 months under the program outlined by Monica, I lost 27 lbs.  My blood sugar levels have returned to normal levels for the first time in years and all my aches and pains have disappeared.  I have gone from barely jogging 1 mile a day stressfully to running 3 miles a day with ease.  I sleep better and have more energy.   I have learned proper eating habits while still enjoying eating.  I have learned what to eat and what not to eat.


I highly recommend the program Monica outlines and the guidance she provides.  Monica is ‘Money’!


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55 Year Old Female

 "I started the 7 Day Detox shortly after Christmas.  At 55 years old, I was probably at my heaviest weight ever, due in no small part to navigating recent life stresses that were beyond my control.  When my daughter suggested that we, as a family, do the detox and subscribe to the program I was totally on board.   I was doing it for her but also knew I needed to do it for me.

The first few days are not easy and it took conscious commitment to stick with the program.  But... IT IS WORTH IT!  I always knew I turned to food when I am stressed or bored, so breaking those habits was a challenge.  Now, nearly two months into my transformation, I am down 21 lbs, clothes are fitting better, my hair and skin look amazing and more importantly, I no longer subconsciously reach for sweets and snacks when I am stressed or to fill my time.  This program really has been life changing.

Monica’s program has helped provide structure to my family’s eating and taught us about both large and small changes that really make a difference.  I enjoy a delicious smoothie for breakfast, a hearty vegetarian lunch and a healthy dinner.  Portions are reasonable.  You definitely aren’t starving.  I drink lots of water during the day and I don’t snack.    I feel great about the progress I’ve made and plan on continuing with it for the rest of my life.   

Thank you Monica for supporting us through this life changing program and really making a difference for me and for my family!


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22 Year Old Male

 "Embarking on a health journey with Monica has easily been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and it could not have come at a better time. Before I had started the plan, I was in a tough place. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I was not proud of my body, and I wasn’t happy with the unhealthy habits I had put my body through in the previous months. I took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that something had to change. 

Then, we had that first phone call. The one that made me realize what I was putting my body through and how my daily routine was affecting how I felt throughout the day. Based on our conversations, Monica had recommended a 21-day detox - a feat I thought was a little more than I could handle. Despite the length, I decided to take it on with Monica there to guide me every step of the way. There were times where I wanted to give up, but I found solace in knowing that I had all the support I could every ask for.

After the detox, I found myself sleeping better every night and waking up with an enormous amount of energy that lasts me the entire day. I have a healthy routine that I stick to religiously and has allowed me to lose a little over 18 pounds throughout the course of the detox. Although a healthy lifestyle was an awesome outcome of the detox, the result I am most proud of is most proud of is the mindset, determination, and happiness I found within myself and within working with such an amazing person."

CLIENT: Julia Ashley

Professional Soccer Player of Linköping FC & US U-23 National Team Member

" Monica’s plan with Mi Healthy Vida has been so helpful. What you’ll find if you choose to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey with her is that she will individualizes a program for you based on your eating and sleeping habits. From there, she is able to pinpoint where you may be lacking in certain food groups and where you may need to up your dosage in others. 

For me, I was not eating enough vegetables and carbs. My sport demands high amounts of energy and I need to fuel my body right in order to enhance my performance and help bring my team to victory. Monica enabled me to see what foods I needed to be fueling my body with so I have more energy and just feel better day to day. 

I highly recommend Monica as the person to go see for nutritional advice. She genuinely cares about each of her clients health and she does not just throw a plan at you that does not fit your lifestyle and choices. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different exercises, foods,  and amounts of sleep. Monica will make sure you are in great hands and she will help you reach your goals."






DAY 0 

DAY 50 


DAY 0 

DAY 50 


DAY 0 

DAY 50 

CLIENT: Anonymous

24 year-old Professional Athlete

" Working with Monica and doing the 7-Day Detox has been life changing. This entire experience has pushed me physically and mentally.  It has reminded me that healthy body and mind transformations take time.

           The detox was so much more than just losing weight for me.  Meeting the criteria for a successful detox was something my goal-oriented personality couldn’t avoid. It changed my life during a time where I was lacking motivation to get out of bed. Before the detox, I was eating poorly, not hydrating, and not exercising. I was sad, relying on sleep medicine, and 20 pounds overweight. I was not getting time outside, and was lethargic and lazy. I was sleeping past noon everyday. I was careless about my health and didn’t have drive to do much. 

         Now, I have structure. I am eating healthy/well thought out meals with good portions. I am hydrating with at least 80-100 ounces of water a day, getting 10,000 steps in and doing cardio, and have found new fun ways to exercise inside and outside of the house. I am happier, I smile more, AND I love the way I look. I am no longer taking sleep medicine, I feel less bloated, I have more energy, and I am not snacking unnecessarily. My clothes fit better, and my skin is soft.  I lost about 17 pounds and counting (in two months).  I care about my health again and I am driven to continue to get my body back to a healthy state. 

         I will forever be thankful for Monica's guidance and expertise throughout this whole journey.  She held my hand every step of the way, and has been so reassuring and encouraging. She genuinely cares about showing others how to embrace healthy life habits, and her passion for helping her clients is very evident. She has been available to answer every question I have had in a timely manner, no matter how general or specific. Her knowledge in this field is out of this world. My successful journey would not have been possible without her. And because of her, I will continue to live my life in a healthy way and encourage others to do so as well. 

         I did the detox for 7 days, but I have been working with Monica continuously for two months total. Her suggestions regarding changes in my nutrition, sleep, and exercise habits have transformed my life and well being. There’s no way that anyone could see and feel the benefits of a detox and not want to continue eliminating their poor life habits after it's is finished. I have learned so much from Monica already, and I can't wait to continue working with her. "

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